Friday, November 18, 2005

The System

Stereotypes painted across the world
Brainwashed the new-borns for national security
Take away their purity to install fake
Patriotic men to discriminate minority...
The system
Our holy system!

Evil is pronounced yet the angels declare war
Blood spilled for a gallon of oil
Men killed for the land of sand
While Head of morons play monopoly toys
The system
Our holy system!

Debt drowned the future generation
We have to pay for someone else' sin
No job available for rainbow union
While majority gets the best skin
The system
Our holy system!

We try
We burn
We fight
We suffocate
In this system
In our holy system!

You cannot beat the system for it'd always swallow you again and again until nothing is left.I cannot beat the system for it has swallowed me my body and hope drowned in the ditch.

Pull my hair; feel the pleasure Cut my legs to stop my treasure Enjoy the burn before you're done Remember the end is where it all begun.

I pray you are blessed with pure happiness,


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