Wednesday, May 23, 2007


How to Choose the Right Cell Phone for Your Blue Tooth Enabled Car
Blue Tooth technology can turn your car into your own personal conference room without needing to take your eyes off the road. But, as with all great technology, you must make sure every piece is compatible. Follow the steps below to choose the right cell phone to use with your Blue Tooth enabled car. v7xo

How to Self Clean Symbian OS Nokia Cell Phone Virus
Symbian OS cell phone has now gaining its popularity over other mobile operating systems (Window Mobile, Palm OS and Linux). However, it is vulnerable to a variety of viruses, such as commwarrior, cabir and etc. When we start sharing files via Bluetooth or installing application software from any untrusted source, the chances of being infected by viruses are very high. v7xp
How to Bank with a Cell Phone
The electronic wallet is getting closer to reality every day. And with 35 percent of Americans already banking online, banks, led by CitiBank, are in the process of rolling out cellphone-based services that let customers pay bills, check their account balances and transfer funds from their phones. v7xq

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