Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Little Gift...!

A little gift, was once passed to me,
and i would like,to pass it to you.
Now i hope that you,may cherish this,
And perhaps,possibly pass along too.
It's not a gift that you can open Like a box of sweets ,
or treasure But brings much love, this i guarantee,
Granting many endless days of pleasure.
Its not even rare but its unto its own And not ever on sale in a store
Its also unique yet extremely well known
So just why would i give this away?
Well if u store it close to your heart
It will guide and console you
And help you smile when times are bleak
Its a magic gift through and through
This Gift is invisible to the eye you see
Its the gift of a friend and people like you
Friends From Beginning To End I wish
i were a tiny little angel
Sent down from heaven above
I wish i had a special meaning
Like the symbol of hope in a dove
I wish i were a wee small fairy
Spreading endless magical dust
Flying about all my special friends
Bringing them joy a definite must
I wish i were a dainty butterfly
Lightly flying about in the breeze
Landing on my special friends nose
Tickling and making them sneeze
But then i wish i were a rainbow
Guiding special friends to my gold
A radiant song and vision they'd see
And beauty as my colours unfold But
Then I'd rather just be a friend
A true friend from beginning to end
Friends don't rely on magical wishes
But on friendship true friends depend.

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Anonymous said...

very nice where did you get this from ?