Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I stare at the wall in front of me
Its like a television of my thoughts
For hours I sit and stare at nothing
In my mind its been heavy labour
I haven`t looked in the mirror for days
But I know what it has to say
It will say it sees a battlefield
Where i am scarred deeply grieved
So to save myself from the misery I look not
And at this plain wall I stare again
I smile as tears roll down my cheeks
I see him smile and cry beside me
I spend and waste my nights in sighs
The days bring grief in amounts very high
Oh! I had fallen and badly too
Though so many had warned me true
Each day I sink like being stabbed
Agony pierces my soul but never hope
I know he dies each moment of each day too
I wish I could be there to help him through
They came upon us like a cape of black clouds
Crushed us beneath their discipline crowns
Time heals all wounds they say
For this to happen i kneel and pray
And at the plain wall I stare again
With hope of life for whos`love is white paint gets coloured again

Dont know if i was to publish this or not .my apologies if i wasn' was actually written by a lonng lost friend. Its here just to let them know that they are still remembered :)

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i seeeeeeeeeeeeee