Sunday, June 05, 2005


[.] Mobilink was expected to launch their new Tariff rates on the last Monday (30th May, 2005) but till now they are silent.

[.] Warid Tel will be reducing their rates the very next day Mobilink reduces their rates. They are waiting for Mobilink to make changes and as soon as Mobilink change its rates Warid Tel will reduce their too.

[.] Mobilink & Warid Tel had an agreement on reducing Inter-connect charges between each other.

[.] Mobilink Mobile Fair to be held from 3rd June to 7th June of 2005 at Polo Club (Race Course), Golf Lane, GOR 1. Lahore

[.] You can win special prizes on the Mobile Fair.

[.] It is expected that Mobilink may be introducing its new rates on the Mobile Fair, tomorrow

[.] Warid is charging a lot of Hidden Charges. Like Rs.50/month on prepaid users for the VAS (Wap/GPRS/MMS/VoiceMail/etc.) then it again charges us separately (Rs.3 per transaction) for using any of the service. Ufone and Telenor does not charge any monthly charges, they just charge for using the service (per minute + per MB transfer)

[.] People get out attracted toward that Warid does not deduct any tax from the scratch card that you load. But in reality what they do is they charge you 10% with holding tax at your per minute outgoing call. Rs.3/min + 15%GST + 10%WHT = Rs.3.80/min

[.] For utilizing Info Service (Jokes, News, Quotes, etc.) Warid Tel charge Rs.3 whereas Other companies just charge the standard rates, e.g. Mobilink and Ufone Rs.1.5 + 15%GST = Rs.1.75

[.] Subscribing to Info Service through website of Ufone (Rs.30/month) and Mobilink (Rs.25/month) they provide FREE daily info service alert, whereas Warid does not provide this feature.

[.] Registration Code on Warid Website is not supported on Old handsets like Nokia 3310,3330,etc because those sets does not support EMS (Extended Messaging Service).

[.] 321 The helpline number of Warid is not working properly. Many options are corrupted and mostly the lines are busy.

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