Monday, June 06, 2005

The Tears Of a Book....

I am a book in elegant prints

To know my name,here are some hints.

Rich in cover and nicely bound

In hearts of Muslims I'm rarely found.

High on a shelf, I am kept

Forgotten there, I am left.

With respect I do get lots of kiss,

My main point is what they always miss.

In a melodious voice they recite me

Neglecting the message inside me.

At times I am used for phony swear,

My true use is very very rare.

A miracle I am, that can change the world,

All one has to do, is understand my word.

I have wisdom, I have treasure,

So much so, there is no measure.

I'm your saviour; I'm your guide,

But who's there to follow and abide.

Right from wrong is my Fame,

Holy Quran is my name.

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