Thursday, July 28, 2005

Revised price list of mobiles for the month of july ...

Nokia 3310 Not Available
Nokia 1100 Rs.3650/=
Nokia 2300 Rs.4550/=
Nokia 3100 Rs.5950/=
Nokia 2600 Rs.5,250/=
Nokia 2650 Rs.6700/=
Nokia 6100 Rs.8,050/=
Nokia 6610i Rs.8,800/=
Nokia 6230 Rs.17,300/=
Nokia 7610 Rs.20,600/=
Nokia 7260 Rs.14,400/=
Nokia 3220 Rs.9,800/=
Nokia 3120 Rs.6,600/=
Nokia 3230 Rs.22,100/=
Nokia 6600 Rs.15,500/=
Nokia 6670 Rs.19,000/=
Nokia 9500 Rs.33,500/=
Samsung R-225 Rs.3650/=
Samsung N-620 Rs.6200/=
Samsung C-100 Rs.5,900/=
Samsung C-110 Rs.5,900/=
Samsung X-100 Rs.6,000/=
Samsung X-600 Rs.9,500/=
Samsung N-700 Rs.4150/=
Samsung C-200 Rs.6,150/=
Samsung D-500 Rs.23,000/=
Samsung E-715 Rs.14,800/=
Samsung E-800 Rs.18,000/=
Sony Ericsson T230 Rs.4150/=
Sony Ericsson T-610 Rs.8900/=
Sony Ericsson T-630 Not Available
Sony Ericsson K-508i Rs.9.300/=
Sony Ericsson K-500i Rs.9,050/=
Sony Ericsson K-700i Rs.13,600/=
Sony Ericsson K-300i
Sony Ericsson J-200i Rs.5,200/=
Sony Ericsson T-290i Rs.4,100/=
Sony Ericsson T-105 Rs.3600/=
Sony Ericsson P-910i Rs.35,000/=
Benq M-100 Rs.4650/=
Benq M-300 Rs.6250/=
Sendo 360 Rs.3800/=
Phonex 710 (Blue Screen) Rs.2999/=
Phonex 303 (Color Screen) Rs.3500/=
Phonex 301 (WIth Connection) Rs.1999/=


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